Precautions for using PVA water-soluble film/ packaging bags

- Jul 07, 2020-

PVA water-soluble film is a kind of polymer water-soluble film. The polymer water-soluble film adopts water-soluble polymer material as the film-forming matrix, and additional auxiliary materials such as plasticizer, softener, surfactant, dispersant, etc. Made by the film-forming process. The film has good flexibility and isolation from various substances, and dissolves quickly in water. Packing bags of various sizes and different shapes can be made according to actual needs. Using the polymer water-soluble film as a pesticide package, the pesticide can be used directly without removing the package during the application process, which ensures that the user does not directly contact the pesticide, reduces and avoids the harm of the pesticide to the user's health, and can greatly reduce The occurrence of pesticide poisoning. At the same time, the packaging level of pesticide companies has been greatly improved and the brand has been upgraded.

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Application of water soluble bag

Polymer water-soluble bags are currently mainly used for pesticide packaging, suitable for the packaging of various powders, tablets, granules and oily colloidal pesticide components, especially for pesticide effervescent preparations; all of this dosage form in Japan uses this Film packaging.

With the promotion of polymer water-soluble membranes, the application fields will soon spread to food, medicine, medical, clothing, embroidery, cosmetics, detergents, dyes, pigments, fertilizers, feed, water treatment agents, mineral additives, detergents, concrete Packaging of additives, chemical reagents for photography, and chemical reagents for garden care.


According to the weight of the pesticide to be packaged, it is made into a roll film with a suitable width, which is packaged in an automatic packaging machine into a small bag; when used, the water-soluble film bag is directly placed in the water, and the water-soluble film packaging bag quickly dissolves in the water, releasing the pesticide, so that The effective ingredients of the pesticide are fully utilized, avoiding the toxic contact of the users, and at the same time reducing the white pollution to the environment.

   1. The water content of the product (free water) exceeds 5%, which is not suitable for packaging with water-soluble film.

   2. When not in use, wrap the remaining water-soluble film with PE wrapping film to prevent moisture.

   3. Suitable conditions for storage of water-soluble packaging film: room temperature 15~35℃, humidity 40~60%, use as soon as possible after unpacking to prevent moisture absorption.

   4. The film has high elasticity, and special mechanical equipment must be used for automatic packaging.

   5. It is strictly forbidden to touch the PVA film with wet hands, and never allow sweat, saliva and water droplets to get on the PVA film

6. The water-soluble film is resistant to mineral oil, almost all greases and organic solvents, but it is resistant to strong acids, strong bases, chlorine free radicals and other substances that can chemically react with Pva (such as borax, boric acid, certain dyes), so Do not use water-soluble film packaging.

   7. The film has front and back sides, the front side is bright, and the back side is dull. It is preferred to use it when it is used. For example, the film is used as a bag, the back side is facing inside, and the front side is facing outside to prevent the film from sticking. When used in embroidering, the reverse side is better.

   8. If there are product quality problems or other technical problems during use, please contact the supplier in time for corresponding technical advice and services