Packaging composite film manufacturers: how to solve the bubble problem

- Jan 27, 2020-

Traditional plastic packaging has the advantages of lower cost, more convenient to carry and use, and more environmental protection. It has replaced traditional packaging in many industries and has become the mainstream of the packaging industry. How do packaging composite film manufacturers continue to innovate composite packaging films to make them produce more value?

Regarding the production process of composite packaging film, packaging composite film manufacturers will not be unfamiliar, and in the daily production of composite packaging film, some small bubbles will inevitably appear. The original was that the two packaging films were not fully adhered to each other when the composite packaging film was compounded. Transparency There are differences, so that after the two layers of film are laminated, bubbles will appear due to various problems.

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So, what are the specific causes of bubbles in the composite packaging film? How to deal with the bubble phenomenon in the production of packaging composite film manufacturers?

Generally, insufficient sizing amount and poor drying may cause bubbles to appear in the composite packaging film. In the case of insufficient glue amount, it is because the glue amount has an important influence on the peeling strength and coating leveling property of the composite packaging film. When the glue flow is not smooth when the composite packaging film is compounded, the bubble phenomenon will follow. How to determine whether the amount of glue is sufficient is actually a relative concept. In fact, considering the requirements of different products and packaging, the amount of glue required is not the same. The amount of glue required for non-printed composite packaging films must be compared. Less print. In addition, the material structure and the use of packaging products also determine the amount of glue required.

And when the dryness of the composite packaging film is poor, the transparency will appear "mist" and the transparency will be poor. Therefore, packaging composite film manufacturers still need to fully ensure drying during production, and consider the gradient of drying temperature according to the film width and area of printing ink.