Mask packaging bag

- Oct 30, 2020-

Product name: mask packaging bag

Product material: PET/PE, BOPP/VMPET/PE

Product thickness: 10 wire ± 0.5um

Product Industry: Medical Packaging

Product features: exquisite printing, material safety is guaranteed

Workshop environment for mask packaging bag production

As a medical product, mask packaging has the same requirements for the production environment of packaging bags as other medical packaging.

Shanghai Yifu Packaging's 100,000-level clean production workshop provides flexible plastic packaging bags for many pharmaceutical companies.

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Customized mask packaging bag

Mask packaging bags have different material structures to choose from:

PET/PE is a transparent material that can be printed in multiple colors and is suitable for ordinary mask packaging

PET/VMPET/PE is a material with an aluminized layer added, which is semi-transparent or opaque, and can be printed differently according to the printed manuscript. The overall effect is more three-dimensional and the printing effect is better.

Kraft paper+PA/PE This material is transparent on one side and paper on the other. It is commonly used in medical mask packaging.