Mask bag material selection

- Feb 10, 2019-

As a kind of beauty and skin care products, the history of masks can be described as long. Nowadays, with the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to their own care, and skin care products such as masks and cosmetics have gradually become the daily consumer goods of the public.


As the demand on the market increases day by day, the mask packaging form is also more and more, but the mask bag is still an extremely important packaging form in the mask packaging. The mask itself is extremely fragile. As for the air, it is easy to lose the essence. The mask bag can not only protect the mask, but also prolong the storage time of the mask, extend the shelf life of the mask, and facilitate the storage and transportation of the mask. Mask bag manufacturers attach great importance to the selection and production of mask packaging materials.

In fact, almost all the mask bags circulating on the market are packaged in aluminum foil because the stability of the aluminum foil packaging is good, and the essence in the mask is rich in various chemicals. If the stability of the material selected in the mask bag is insufficient, it will take a long time. Chemical reactions occur, causing the mask to deteriorate, so mask bag manufacturers must take into account when producing mask bags.

Of course, the choice of aluminum foil material as a mask bag is not only the stability of the packaging material itself, but also that the mask bag will be transported long distances before being sold, and in the long-term storage and transportation process, there are many external factors such as temperature, light, etc. Will have a certain adverse effect on the mask inside the package. The aluminum foil bag has good characteristics of protection from light, moisture, high temperature and low temperature, and will not be affected by the temperature and humidity of the external storage and transportation environment. This can ensure that the mask bag is safer and less prone to deterioration during storage and transportation.

That is to say, the reason why the film bag on the market considers the aluminum foil packaging when selecting the material for production. Another point is that the aluminum foil bag supports the modern packaging production process, and many mask bag manufacturers can produce aluminum foil bags in a large scale and automatically, which can meet the large demand in the market.