Little knowledge of kraft paper bag

- Dec 03, 2020-

Kraft paper bags are individually divided into two types: laminated film paper bags and non-laminated film paper bags

  The laminated film paper bag has a plastic coating on the outside. This paper bag looks high-quality and waterproof. The load-bearing capacity of the paper bag is relatively good, so the price of this paper bag is definitely higher.

  Without laminated film paper bags, the paper bags made of kraft paper are more convenient than ordinary ones, and the load-bearing capacity of kraft paper is better. The price is relatively cheap.

  People who buy paper bags often think that the thicker the paper bag, the better, and the thicker is good. This is a misunderstanding.

There are two kinds of kraft paper. The first domestic kraft paper (non-wood pulp kraft paper) is mixed with a certain proportion of waste paper pulp when paper is made. This kind of kraft paper has a poor texture and absolute load bearing capacity, so it is used when making paper bags Compared with thick paper, 200-250 grams of base paper are used individually, so the basis of the thick kraft paper bag is a paper bag made of domestic kraft paper.


There is also a kind of kraft paper made of wood pulp, 100% wood pulp, and no waste is added during papermaking. The characteristics of this paper are that the wood fiber weft is better than long paper. The price of this paper is higher than that of non-whole wood. Pulp kraft paper is about twice as expensive. Although the paper is not thick, the load-bearing capacity is very good. Therefore, it is quite possible to use 100-120 grams of base paper when manufacturing paper bags. This kind of individual exports kraft paper.

White kraft paper-both domestically produced and exported are 100% kraft paper made of wood pulp. White kraft paper cannot be made with waste. The current price of white kraft paper is about 10,500 (10,500 yuan) a ton, so White kraft paper bags are definitely more expensive paper bags in kraft paper bags.