It is important to tell you how to choose paper before printing!

- Dec 12, 2020-

Do you know? So much for a plain piece of printing paper. The properties of the paper determine the effect of printing. The choice of paper is very important when printing, don't blindly choose the paper for printing products according to your preferences, Shanghai Yifu Packaging Guang gives you some suggestions below!

The moisture content of paper will affect the paper condition and printing effect. If the moisture content is too high, the edges of the paper will tilt up, twist, or wrinkle. In addition, paper may also wrinkle in the production process and greatly affect the quality of the printing, such as ink concentration reduction, affect the color!

Edge shrinkage, edge shrinkage is the result of printing paper jam, and large printing equipment, once the occurrence of paper jam will damage the machine parts!!

Due to the influence of moisture content and heat, the above problems occur. In addition, due to its low stiffness and soft paper, it is very easy to wind the rollers and belts of the printing machine during printing, thus causing paper jam.


If the paper storage location humidity is too low, due to the air exposure of the paper moisture loss and paper flexibility, also known as clark stiffness. Clark stiffness low, the paper is easy to bend, very easy to smooth the surface of the poor paper is very rough, oil absorption, dry printing luster, resulting in poor visual effect, color is not bright, gray color, etc. Due to the strong oil absorption of paper, imprinted before drying conjunctiva absorb a large amount of ink binder, resulting in the surface of the conjunctiva rough imprinted, lackluster products. Severe cases can also lead to blotting.

Usually in the printing process requires that the PH value of the paper is neutral state, acid paper will slow down the drying speed of ink, ink drying slow will affect the quality of the whole print, will also make the color of the print is contaminated and reduce the printing effect! In the bronzing silver, but also with metal powder chemical reaction, make the bronzing part of the color, thereby losing luster and color!

Paper whiteness determines the print color is bright or not, the higher the paper whiteness, the more it will ink color accurate, this is because the high whiteness of paper, almost can reflex all light, so the print color is very bright, if low whiteness of paper, can only reflect part of the light, easy to cause the partial color. For example some slants red, some slants yellow, some slants green still has slants blue and so on.

If the printing process does not pay attention to the direction of the paper fiber pattern, the printed product can have many fatal problems. Especially packaging boxes, handbags and other printed matter. If no matter the paper lines, arbitrarily cut, will cause the crease part of the box is relatively soft, easy to break. The printing master who knows how to deal with the fiber texture uses the same paper, according to the direction of the paper texture to cut, make the carton tough and durable. This is because the fiber is flexible and the part of the box where the crease is required is perpendicular to the direction of the fiber, so the crease is less likely to break!

Now there are many beautiful and exquisite special paper on the market, but most of the special paper has uneven lines, making the ink permeate in the gap during printing, especially the large area of the field version, it is difficult to dry, easy to stick dirty. It may also lead to the printing process of false impression, hyphenation hyphenation and affect the overall visual experience.