Introduction of pvc plastic wrap

- Jun 30, 2020-

Fresh-keeping film and fresh-keeping bags are a kind of plastic packaging products commonly used for fresh-keeping food, and many families are inseparable from them.

PVC cling film is also polyvinyl chloride. Due to the need of production process, a large amount of plasticizer will be added in the production process of PVC cling film, which is the plasticizer we usually say. If the PVC cling film is used under heating or in contact with oily foods, the plasticizer contained in the PVC cling film is easy to precipitate out, and as the food is brought into the human body, it will cause some harm to the human body. However, PVC cling film is used for fresh fruit and vegetable preservation, etc., no problem.

The difference between PVC and PE plastic wrap

The salient features of PE cling film are: PE cling film can be used in a wide range. PE cling film can contain fat food. At the same time, PE cling film can also be heated in a microwave oven at a temperature not exceeding 110 degrees Celsius. In addition, the tips to distinguish different types of plastic wrap:

1. Look at transparency. The transparency of PE cling film is worse, and the transparency of PVC cling film is better.

2. Pull the experiment. PE cling film has low pulling force and PVC cling film has high pulling force.

3. Fire experiment. PE cling film is easy to burn, will drip oil, and has the smell of candle; PVC cling film burns black smoke and produces a pungent odor.

4. PVC cling film is much stronger than PE cling film.


How to use PVC plastic wrap

Because PVC cling film is cheaper than other cling films, there are still many families who choose PVC cling film. In fact, as long as the PVC cling film is not heated and does not contact greasy foods, it is no problem to keep fresh fruits and vegetables.

Types of plastic wrap

The vast majority of cling film and commonly used plastic bags on the market are made of ethylene masterbatch. According to the different types of ethylene masterbatch, cling film can be divided into three categories.

The first type is polyethylene, or PE for short. This material is mainly used for food packaging. The film used for fruits and vegetables that we usually buy, including semi-finished products purchased from supermarkets, uses this material;

The second type is polyvinyl chloride, or PVC for short. This material can also be used for food packaging, but it has a certain impact on the safety of the human body;

The third type is polyvinylidene chloride, or PVDC for short, which is mainly used for packaging of cooked food, ham and other products.