How to moisturize cigars

- Nov 26, 2020-

When you get a box of Cuban Habanos cigars, open the box and you will find such a small piece of paper: on this small piece of paper, the information on the origin of the cigar is described in 4 languages, and it is also very clear. It states the correct temperature and humidity range for storing cigars: temperature 16°C-18°C, humidity 65%-70%.

Under normal circumstances, we will choose a professional cigar humidor or humidor to maintain cigars. But for novices or cigar lovers who do not smoke much, this professional tool is undoubtedly expensive. So is there a way to be both cheap and practical?

A little brother from the UK recently recommended a practical method:

Cigar-tobacco-foil-ziplock-bags-custom-blunt (1)

A simple cigar humidor made up of Tupperware crisper and YiFu moisture bag. This cigar humidor meets the requirements of low price and simple and convenient operability for cigar maintenance.

Three things are needed to use this maintenance method: [1] A fresh-keeping container with good airtightness [2] YiFu cigar moisturizing bag [3] Thermohygrometer.

According to the size and quantity of cigars to be maintained, choose a transparent crisper (easy to observe) of suitable size and good sealing. The price of general crisper is not too expensive. Brands can choose LOCK&LOCK, Tupperware, etc. Of course, BOVEDA also has special tobacco crisper, the price is slightly higher, about 300 yuan. It is recommended not to use fresh-keeping boxes with peculiar smell.

YifFu is a professional moisturizing brand (USA) for cigar, food, medicine and grain storage. YiFu has nine kinds of moisturizing bags with different humidity ranging from 32% to 84%. The common ones that can be used to moisturize cigars are 65%, 69%, 72% and 75%, of which the most common is 69%.

Suggestions for using YiFu moisturizing bag:

[1] 65%: specially designed for Cuban cigars;

[2] 69%: Designed for airtight preservation/humidification boxes, including but not limited to Boveda acrylic resin preservation boxes;

[3] It is recommended to use more than one moisturizing bag to ensure that the moisturizing bag can work more effectively, accurately and lastingly;

[4] Minimize the contact between the moisturizing bag and the air;

[5] Moisturizing bags with different humidity cannot be mixed.