How to distinguish whether it is suitable from the material of the kraft paper bag

- Jan 05, 2019-

Every time there is a custom paper bag, I will say that I want to customize the kraft paper bag, but the small series here is about the kraft paper bag. It is also divided into yellow kraft paper bag and white kraft paper bag. Let's start with these two aspects to see if the customer chooses a white kraft paper bag or a yellow kraft paper bag when customizing the kraft paper bag.

First of all, from a color point of view, we can divide it into white kraft paper bags and yellow kraft paper bags. However, white kraft paper bags and yellow kraft paper bags can be divided into several subdivisions. In the case of a white kraft paper bag, he can be divided into white kraft paper and high white kraft paper. They differ in dark white, high-white kraft paper bags, and the printed colors should be more beautiful.

The same is true for yellow kraft paper bags. Based on this, some manufacturers have developed striped kraft paper with stripes. Of course, for kraft paper, new products such as pearlescent white kraft paper and coated white kraft paper have also been developed. These are all things that we should carefully consider when designing.

Secondly, it is well known that the material of the paper bag is not only related to the raw material, but also related to the number of layers. Therefore, the kraft paper bag can be divided into a recycled kraft paper bag, a kraft paper base paper, a composite kraft paper bag, a wood pulp kraft paper bag and the like. Therefore, different materials, hardness, and roughness are different, which has a great influence on printing and other later stages, so it is necessary to understand before making paper bags.

Furthermore, from the point of view of use, the classification of kraft paper bags is more extensive. We all know that because kraft paper bags are environmentally friendly, not only the clothing industry, but also the food, beauty and other industries have been applied. Each industry has different requirements for itself, so in the use, the factory has also developed many functions in a targeted manner. Such as oil-proof paper bags, waterproof paper bags, rust-proof paper bags, insulated paper bags, self-adhesive paper bags, super heavy paper bags, etc. Bags, printable paper bags, etc. These features cannot be used as a single dealer, so we must know how to choose the features we need when designing, so that we can spend the least amount of money and get the most value.