How to distinguish between PVC cling film and PE cling film

- Oct 28, 2020-

The transparency of pvc cling film is high, and the stretchability and viscosity are stronger than that of pe cling film. When the PVC cling film is burned with fire, the flame will turn black, emit black smoke, have a pungent smell, will not drip oil, and will automatically go out after leaving the fire source. When pe plastic wrap is burning, the flame is yellow, odorless, dripping oil, and can continue to burn after leaving the fire source.

flow molding PVC cling film1

1. Look at the transparency of bai. The transparency of PE cling film is poor, while the transparency of PVC cling film is better.

2. Pull the experiment dao. PE cling film has a small tensile force, while PVC cling film has a large tensile force.

3. Fire experiment. PE cling film is easy to burn, dripping oil, and smells like candles; PVC cling film burns and emits black smoke, producing a pungent smell.

4. The self-adhesiveness of PVC cling film is much stronger than PE cling film.