How to choose a rice vacuum bag

- Feb 02, 2020-

With the development of society, people have higher and higher requirements for rice. Not only do they want to eat the famous origin rice from all over the country, but they also have higher requirements for the quality and flavor of rice. This has led to the improvement of rice packaging. Rice packaging has evolved from the earliest woven bag packaging to today's rice vacuum packaging bags. Because of direct contact with food, it is also related to democratic food for people's livelihood. The quality of rice vacuum packaging for us Very important, unqualified rice vacuum packaging bags will cause serious harm to customers' bodies, and will also affect the reputation of business brands. Then, how to choose the manufacturer of rice vacuum packaging bags?

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 1. The manufacturers of rice vacuum packaging bags must have complete qualifications and complete licenses.

    This is a basic requirement for rice vacuum packaging bag manufacturers. The country now has strict food safety controls. Products produced by unqualified manufacturers are never allowed to be sold on the market. If you have very good rice, but because you choose a packaging bag produced by an unqualified packaging bag manufacturer, then even your rice will be judged as a substandard product by the quality department, which is a huge loss for the enterprise. At the same time, because some small businesses are not qualified, they cannot produce due to safety and environmental inspections, etc. This leads to the inability to guarantee your delivery time and delays, so you must first choose a qualified manufacturer, Henan Zhicheng Color Printing Packaging The company's formal qualifications and complete licenses are your reliable choice.


      Second, the manufacturers of rice vacuum packaging bags must use qualified high-quality raw materials.

     In order to reduce costs, many companies will make articles on raw materials, such as choosing raw materials produced by unqualified manufacturers, or choosing raw materials that do not meet the quality requirements of the country. It seems to save costs, but it actually brings huge risks to food companies. Once these unqualified products enter the market, even the best rice and the best products will be judged as unqualified and severely punished. Therefore, when you choose the manufacturer of rice vacuum packaging bags, you must Find out the raw materials used by the enterprise, and ensure that the packaging film used meets national standards and cannot be recharged. Food companies should require packaging bag manufacturers to use packaging films that meet national standards. For example, the material of the composite bag should be green and environmentally friendly. Do not use dry composite plastic packaging containing benzene and other harmful substances, because the solvent easily penetrates and contaminates food. Henan Zhicheng Color Printing Packaging Co., Ltd. has strictly adhered to this red line from the beginning. The food business is a conscience business, and the people's health must not be used for unscrupulous business.



     Third, do what you know, you cannot simply pursue low prices.

     Food companies must first figure out what materials their food packaging bags need. Food packaging materials are diverse. Food companies must choose packaging reasonably according to their product content, product status, product marketing routes, etc. The best packaging is suitable for themselves. Can't be led by the packaging manufacturer.

     Take composite bags as an example. Many foods are used for pumping and packaging. The materials of this type of packaging should have at least one layer of nylon packaging. Because nylon is twice as expensive as PET. As a result, the piercing resistance of the bag is weak, causing the food package to leak air and break the bag. The economic loss and negative impact are far higher than the cost savings of the low-cost purchase of the bag. At least two layers of nylon are used, but some packaging companies use only one layer, and the nylon content is low, and some also use smuggled garbage, which has more problems. Such bags have poor barrier properties, are easy to break, and are not resistant to high and low temperatures. At present, there are cases in which aluminum foil bags are used to sell food products to food companies in the market, and they need to be identified in time to prevent fraud.


     4. Manufacturers of rice vacuum packaging bags must use green materials when printing.

     This is also an aspect that is very easy to be overlooked. Colorful, rich and changeable printing sometimes does not seem to make a difference, but it is actually a major issue related to food safety. The QS standard requires that food packaging should not detect benzene solvents that are harmful to human health. This kind of material is also used in the printing of packaging bags, and the problem of contaminating food often occurs. Henan Zhicheng Color Printing Packaging Co., Ltd. insists on using qualified printing materials, all raw materials meet safety standards, and companies can cooperate with confidence.


     Fifth, the production environment of packaging companies making food bags must meet the standards to avoid contaminating the food bags during the bag making process.

    Packaging bags that come in direct contact with food also have high environmental requirements. When choosing a packaging manufacturer, a food company must also examine the environment of the company, choose a factory building that meets quality requirements, and cooperate with manufacturers that have strict production management.


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