High temperature, normal temperature water-soluble packaging bag/water-soluble medical anti-infection disposal bag

- Dec 27, 2020-

Shanghai Yifu Packaging Group Company is a comprehensive enterprise integrating scientific research, development and production. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has focused on environmental protection packaging such as water-soluble film, water-soluble bag, PVA film, high-temperature water-soluble film, and modern prosthetic materials. It has successfully independently developed and produced water-soluble film, water-soluble bag, high-temperature water-soluble film, water-soluble fishing bag, and water-soluble A series of high-tech products such as net, PVA film, PVA prosthetic film, PVA prosthetic finished cover, prosthetic yarn cover, EVA prosthetic liner, etc. The company has advanced production equipment, professional technical personnel, perfect product testing methods and quality assurance system. After a long time of strong support from domestic and foreign customers, it has become a large-scale enterprise in the PVA water-soluble materials and modern prosthetic materials industries. The products are used in the fields of artificial limb medical treatment, fishing gear, pesticides, fertilizers, fuels, clothing exports, detergents, water treatment agents, concrete additives, etc. Our company will work together with the new and old customers based on the principle of "honoring the contract, keeping the credibility, and customer first".

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