High quality food safe packaging bags /films for displaying, storing and shipping your food items.

- Jun 10, 2020-

Shanghai Yifu Packaging Company produces high-quality food safety packaging bags for displaying, storing and transporting food.


Our food wholesale packaging offers many options, from practical storage to interesting creative storage. We offer everything from transparent gift basket packaging, heat-sealed bags or narrow lollipop bags to chocolate and truffle boxes. Our food safety packaging can provide small or large batches of food packaging, and there are a variety of sizes to choose from, without having to worry about harmful chemicals will affect your food.

Our YIFU and YiFu tote bags are popular choices for storing desserts, and using them with cute ribbons is the perfect way to prepare gifts. We also provide isolation bags and zipper lock bags. The colors of these bags are other than transparent. These bags can be used directly, or you can contact us to customize your food safety package or box.


Our food wholesale box is perfect for decorating pretzels, cupcakes or truffles. Each snack has a box specially designed for it, some of which even come with bags. Our food-safe macaron or cupcake boxes fit perfectly in their matching bags, making their transportation easier. Whether you want to keep it simple, classic or creative and fun, it is your choice!

Food packaging:

Transparent bags and boxes

Over 4,000 sizes and styles in stock

Direct food contact safety

ClearBags are great. Provide professional, informative and timely help. We are happy to know that there is always a good solution for any chocolate emergency. "

– Nestlé and Andy-NuNu chocolate

Custom styles and printing are available:

Handle, nozzle, special opening

Windows of any size and shape

Uniquely shaped bags

Gradient metal printing

Matte, glossy, combination finish

Full-color rotogravure printing