Functional choice of tea bags

- Feb 10, 2019-

As one of the world's three major beverages, tea is particularly popular in China, and correspondingly, tea packaging such as tea bags and tea cans are diverse in the market. Among them, tea packaging bags, as soft packaging products for tea packaging, are particularly important in protecting the functionality of tea leaves.

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In general, tea bags have the following characteristics in terms of functionality:

One is the moisture resistance of tea bags. Tea products are different from ordinary food products. The moisture in tea is the medium for biochemical changes of tea. The low moisture content is conducive to the preservation of tea and the quality of tea. However, the water content in the tea leaves should not be excessive (more than 5%), and 3% is preferred when the tea is stored for a long time, otherwise the ascorbic acid in the tea is easily decomposed, which may cause the packaged tea to deteriorate. Therefore, in the production of tea packaging bags should use materials with good moisture resistance, such as aluminum foil or aluminum foil composite film;

The second is the oxygen barrier of tea bags. Once the oxygen content in the tea packaging is too large, some components in the tea will be oxidized and deteriorated. Therefore, the tea packaging generally uses air-filled packaging or vacuum packaging to reduce the oxygen content in the packaging, and accordingly, the selection of the tea packaging bag is also required. Considering the oxygen barrier property of the material to avoid oxygen in the air from penetrating into the package;

The third is the high temperature resistance of tea bags. Tea at high temperatures will aggravate the oxidation of some ingredients, leading to deterioration of the tea, and the packaging bag has good high temperature resistance and can be greatly reduced by the preservation at low temperature, which can greatly reduce the deterioration of the packaged tea.

The fourth is the light protection of tea bags. In order to avoid the oxidation of chlorophyll and lipid substances in the tea leaves, the tea leaves are accelerated and aged. Therefore, the selection of the tea packaging bags should take into account the light protection of the packaging materials and store them in a cool place when they are stored;