Four advantages of customized kraft paper bag

- Jun 09, 2020-

There are many kinds of kraft paper bags. In practical applications, it is necessary to reasonably select the processing materials suitable for their products. Commonly used paper materials are: white cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper, white kraft paper, etc. There are a few types of double-coated paper! Then we What are the advantages of the company's custom-made kraft paper bags?

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 1, advantage one

     One-stop advantage from tote bag printing to tote bag production! Our company's printing machine, fully automatic laminating machine, fully automatic creasing machine paper cutting machine, tote bag bottom sealing machine, etc.;

2. Advantage two

  Handbag printing network ordering mode, which effectively controls the expensive expenses incurred by the company's overseas offices, thus significantly saving you the cost of bag production!

3. Advantage three

  Hand-made parts for handbags, our company has reduced the cost of hand-made as much as possible, effectively saving you the processing cost of handbags!


4. Advantage 4

     Shanghai Yifu Packaging Co., Ltd. has excellent printing operation technicians, which greatly reduces the cost of material loss. Therefore, the printing price of the kraft paper handbags we produce is lower than the prices on the market.