Food aluminum foil bag customization

- Jan 14, 2020-

Food aluminum foil bag is a widely used packaging form in the soft bag industry and daily life. Especially the public likes to visit small snack shops. Various food aluminum foil bags, small bags, shaped bags and large Gift bags, bags, etc.

As such a widely used packaging form, how to customize food packaging bags?


First of all, for the food aluminum foil bag merchants who have just come into contact with the finished product, they must first determine the packaging bag type when customizing. In brief, the bag type has edge-sealed bags, zipper bags, self-supporting bags, and special-shaped bags. Wait. If you do not know what kind of food aluminum foil bag you want to make, it is recommended that you can find your favorite packaging in supermarkets, convenience stores, snack shops, etc., and take pictures for reference.

Next, determine the specifications of the food aluminum foil bag. The specifications of the bag will change according to the weight of the packaged product. Therefore, the specifications of the bag should generally be confirmed in advance. You can find a few more bags and try to install them, and then determine the size.

Then, the custom food aluminum foil bag also needs to confirm the printed pattern of the bag body. Some customers often do not have the exact manuscript when customizing. It can be said that such a quotation is inaccurate. The number of colors of the printed pattern will determine the number of plate rollers. The proportion of ink in the printed pattern will also affect the amount of ink and the printing process. The loss in the medium cannot be accurately calculated without an accurate pattern.

Then, the contents of the food aluminum foil bag and the conditions of use need to be strict. Normal temperature? freezing? high temperature? Vacuum? Different usage conditions and special requirements will affect the selection of materials and the choice of glue. Therefore, customizing food aluminum foil bags is a simple and complex task that requires multiple communications and multiple confirmations.