Features of cast coextrusion film

- Mar 07, 2020-

Cast co-extrusion film is a non-stretched, non-oriented flat extrusion film produced by melt drool quenching. It is widely used in the packaging of textiles, flowers, food, and daily necessities, and is an indispensable item in contemporary life.


Cast cast co-extruded film has excellent heat sealing performance and excellent transparency. It is one of the main packaging composite substrates. It is used to produce high-temperature cooking film and vacuum aluminized film. Moreover, with the development of domestic cast film production equipment, some of its technical indicators have reached the international advanced level. Therefore, the threshold for entering the production of cast film is getting lower and lower. Because of this, some companies are rushing to import the cast co-extrusion film production line in one step in order to pursue the higher level in the grade, the better, and put the market demand and return on investment aside, this approach will cause huge resources waste.

Diverse specifications

The domestic cast film production line can be divided into 2500mm, 3000mm, 3500mm, 5000mm according to the width of the film. According to the configuration of the extruder, it can be divided into three layers, five layers, seven layers, and eleven layers.

Can be customized to meet the needs of our customers

The domestic cast film production line is mainly composed of five parts: extrusion part, casting part, corona part, rewinding part, and electric control part. Among them, the mold part and the extrusion part can be freely combined according to the requirements of customers, so it can meet the different needs of our customers (markets) to the limit.


Advanced design

In addition, the domestic equipment is also designed to closely follow the international advanced level in design, such as:

1. The unique design of the back device can freely adjust the pressure of the extruder.

2. The unique design of the screw flow channel can be applied to different materials to achieve multiple uses in one machine.

3. The design of the flow channel of the roller has better cooling effect, more stable product quality and higher output.

4. The line speed of domestic cast film production line has reached the level of 160m / min--250m / min.

Fourth, high speed, stability, energy saving

Compared with imported equipment, the domestic cast film production line also has the characteristics of high speed, stable performance, environmental protection and energy saving. The thickness of the product is 0.017mm-0.08mm (the international standard is calculated as 0.025mm).

The above are the characteristics of cast co-extrusion film organized by Shanghai Yifu Packaging for everyone. It is also convenient for everyone to understand this commonly used product. For more information about cast co-extrusion film and packaging film, please browse other articles on this site.