Features and applications of co-extruded film

- Jan 31, 2020-

Seven-layer co-extruded film is a kind of multi-layer co-extruded stretch film with high barrier properties commonly used in daily life. Today Shanghai Yifu Packaging will introduce the characteristics and several applications of seven-layer co-extruded film.

Features of one or seven layers of co-extruded film

1. High barrier: The barrier properties of different plastic materials are very different. Co-extrusion of the film can achieve high barrier effects on oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, and odor.

2, strong function: oil-resistant, moisture-resistant, high-temperature cooking resistance of 120 degrees Celsius, low-temperature freezing, shelf life, freshness, smell, can be used for vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging, inflatable packaging.

3. Low cost: Compared with glass packaging, aluminum foil packaging and other plastic packaging, to achieve the same barrier effect, co-extruded films have a greater cost advantage. Due to the simple work, the cost of the produced film products can be reduced by 10-20% compared with dry composite films and other composite films.

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4. Flexible structure design: adopting different structure designs can meet your different quality requirements.

5. High strength: Co-extruded film has the characteristics of stretching during processing. After the plastic is stretched, the strength can be increased accordingly. Plastic materials such as nylon and metallocene polyethylene can be added in the middle to make it have more Composite strength, no delamination, good softness and excellent heat-sealing performance.

6, small capacity ratio: co-extruded film can be vacuum shrink packaging, volume ratio is nearly 100%, which is unmatched by glass, iron cans, paper packaging.

7, no pollution: no residual solvent pollution, green environmental protection.

Second, several types of seven-layer co-extruded film

(1) High barrier and anti-permeation packaging film

The basic structure is: PA / TIE / PE / TIE / PA / EVOH / PA / TIE / PE

For various cooked meat products, coffee, tea, flavors, spices, food additives, cosmetics and other products with a longer shelf life

Packaging. Can also be used for petroleum, chemical industry, pesticides, highly toxic, acids, alkalis, salts and other highly permeable and corrosive product packaging.


(2) Inflatable, fresh-keeping packaging film

The basic structure is: PE / TIE / PA / TIE / PA / TIE / PE

It is used in the fields of air-conditioning fresh-keeping packaging of food and inflatable packaging such as balloon film.

(3) Fresh meat wrap

The basic structure is: PE / TIE / PA / EVOH / PA / TIE / EVA

It is used for cold storage and preservation of fresh meat of pig, beef, and mutton. It requires immersion in skin at 80 ℃ for 1-3 seconds (or fit in hot drying tunnel), excellent barrier performance, and can be stored at low temperature below -25 ℃. Product packaging.