Attention to these details in the production of medicinal packaging composite films

- Jan 21, 2020-

It can be seen from its name that the medicinal packaging composite film reaches a very high level, which can meet the various packaging needs of pharmaceuticals. When designing such packaging, users can also add different ones according to their needs. The printing process can highlight the self-characteristics, which can better meet the personalized needs of users. Let's take a look at the details that it needs to pay special attention to in order to meet the higher requirements of users.

1.Convex hot dyeing effect

When the pharmaceutical packaging composite film is finished printing, it pays great attention to the stamping effect, and there are many printing processes that can be used for external printing. For example, it can use the combination of stamping and stamping, and the Braille effect and positioning. The ironing effect, as well as the refracting ironing effect, etc., users can choose their own hot dyeing method according to their needs.



2. Anti-counterfeiting intelligent marketing

 Drugs often need to have anti-counterfeiting marks. Local texture IoT anti-counterfeiting methods can be adopted. Anti-counterfeiting, logistics anti-channeling and intelligent marketing can be easily integrated into one. In order to achieve better anti-counterfeiting label requirements, a reverse varnish effect can also be used. This effect mainly means that the faint words on the box can be seen only after the box is turned to a certain angle. In addition, users can also choose fluorescent ink effects and special inks to display true and false according to their needs when selecting anti-counterfeiting logos. Wait.

 Users also need to pay particular attention to its after-sales service when choosing a pharmaceutical packaging composite film manufacturer, and whether they can complete the production of the large-scale packaging they need within the prescribed time, or do they have better products Quality service guarantee and so on.