Embossed vacuum embossed roll for household use

- Aug 08, 2020-

★Product description★

HcEmbossed vacuum packaging embossed roll is a new type of household vacuum packaging bag, which combines the nine-layer (eleven-layer) co-extrusion process of the embossed surface and the smooth surface composite process. Micro-channel embossing on the embossed surface, no residues in vacuum sealing, no dead corners, deep embossing, transparent bag body, strong sealing performance, compressive test, strong toughness, and longer shelf life; smooth surface is highly transparent, materials used Safe, high-end and stylish.

Proof-Plastic-Vacuum-Bags-Embossed-Vacuum-Seal (1)


1. Food grade raw materials

Imported food grade PA+PE, the material is more secure.

2. Highly transparent surface

The items are clearly visible and the customer experience is better.

3. Texture design

The vacuum is more thorough, the vacuum state is longer, prolongs the freshness, is moisture-proof and mold-proof, keeps away from bacteria, locks in freshness, and prevents odor.

4. Roll bag design

There is no need to worry about the size of the roll.

5. Strengthen resilience

Imported PA/PE materials, strong puncture resistance and toughness.


★Product Application★

Home food preservation

Shopping mall packaging etc.