Do you know the production materials, processes and advantages of clothing packaging bags?

- Feb 20, 2020-

Packaging represents the product image to a certain extent. Many well-known clothing brand products will only use special clothing packaging bags. These clothing packaging bags are carefully designed, regardless of size or appearance, they should match the product, and The icon or text on the clothing bag allows you to get brand information at a glance. This shows that a good clothing packaging bag is very important for product promotion.

First, the type and description of clothing packaging bags

Clothing packaging bags can be roughly divided into: PE, PP, PO, and PPU:


1.PE plastic bag, polyethylene: the appearance does not look very transparent, there is a turbid feeling, the toughness is better, and it is easier to open the plastic bag opening.

2. PO plastic bag, polyolefin: good tensile strength, high hardness, slightly lower transparency than other plastic bags, due to better tensile strength, it is widely used in shopping malls and hotel industries.

3. PP plastic bag, polypropylene: transparent, relatively rigid, more fragile in lower temperature areas, easy to rot, less than PE.

4.PPU plastic bag, polyurethane: relatively cold-resistant, good rigidity, good tensile strength, not easy to rot.

5. Plastic bag styles are generally divided into flat pockets, accordion bags, U-shaped bags, flat hanging bags, pinhole diagonal hanging bags, sticky plastic bags ...

The above materials are environmentally friendly and meet European and American requirements.

With the continuous improvement of materials and processing technology, plastic packaging bags are playing an increasingly important role in many fields, especially plastic composite packaging bags, which have been widely used in clothing, food, medicine, chemical and other fields.

Second, the steps to make a finished garment packaging bag


1. Blown film: pull the rubber particles into a film

The temperature should not be too high, and it should be kept moderate. The speed of material discharge should not be too fast. PE and PO are radiated by the wind as the rubber material, and PP and PPU are radiated by the water.

2.Printing: Divided into single-sided printing, double-sided printing and multi-color printing

When printing, pay attention to the printing content, size, transcoding, LOGO position, color, etc. The printing speed should not be too fast. Make sure that the printing ink is dry, so that the font is clear and neat and not easy to fade.

3. Cut the bag:

Note that the blown semi-finished product should be inflated in time when it is cut on the table machine, so that the plastic bag cut out is easy to open, and at the same time, the temperature of the sealing line must be paid attention to. It will be different.

4. Finished product packaging

Pack the finished clothing packaging bags in batches / quantities / sizes according to customer requirements and ship them.

Third, the calculation method of plastic bags

Calculation method of flat bag: thickness MM * width * length (inch) * density (2.63) * quantity / 1000 = 1000 weight (unit: pounds)

The calculation method of the organ bag: thickness MM * (width + organ position) * length (inch) * density (2.63) * quantity / 1000 = 1000 weight (unit: pounds)

Calculation method of round bag: thickness MM * width * length (inch) * density (2.63) * quantity / 1000 = 1000 weight (unit: pounds)

Calculating method of adhesive patch bag: thickness MM * width * (length + benefit / 2) (inch) * density (2.63) * quantity / 1000 = 1000 weight (unit: pounds)


Fourth, the advantages of clothing packaging bags

1. Since the clothing packaging bag is made of plastic, the moisture resistance, barrier properties and processing formability of the clothing packaging bag are relatively outstanding, and the cost is relatively low.

2. The clothing packaging bag can achieve the purpose of light weight and labor saving during the storage and transportation of the product. At the same time, the clothing packaging bag can effectively prevent product leakage, scattering, loss, shrinkage and discoloration. In addition, due to the high tensile strength and elongation of plastics, clothing packaging bags have very good protection properties and will not be easily deformed and broken like paper bags.

3. The use of clothing packaging bags in merchandise sales makes sales faster and more convenient. However, some people worry that plastic bags are not as environmentally friendly as paper bags. In fact, the destruction of forests by paper bags is great.