Currently the most environmentally friendly biodegradable material PLA polylactic acid

- Jul 26, 2020-

PLA fiber is extremely rich in raw materials, and it has been recommended as an "environmentally friendly recycling material in the 21st century". It is an ecological fiber with development potential. PLA fiber is owned by the world because of its good biodegradability, from the medical and health fields to the industrial and agricultural fields, especially in the textile processing field. With the continuous advancement of the research on PLA fiber, people's understanding of PLA fiber is also increasing. It's getting deeper and deeper. PLA fiber is a new type of biodegradable environmentally friendly fiber. Since lactic acid, the raw material for the production of PLA fiber, is produced from renewable natural substances, the advantage of processing ru acid is that it does not use raw materials such as petroleum and can be biodegradable from raw materials to waste. PLA fiber uses lactic acid made from starch as a raw material and is biodegradable. After its waste is buried in the soil, under the action of microorganisms in the soil and water, the fiber can be completely decomposed after about 6 months to 1 year. It is carbon dioxide and water, which degrade. The carbon dioxide it produces can reduce its content in the atmosphere through the light and action of plants, and will not cause pollution to the earth's environment. Since this is a cyclic process, some experts predict that through the expansion of the global production scale of PLA polymers and fibers in the early 21st century, with the reduction of the production cost of ru acid raw materials, its price will develop closer to PET fiber, and its use will be rapid Expansion, its economic benefits will gradually appear.


      At present, ordinary coated kraft paper bags still use traditional PE film and paper laminating traditional technology. PE film is a traditional material for making plastic packaging bags. Its scientific name is polypropylene plastic, which is the main culprit of white pollution. Pollution, the coated kraft paper composite bag was developed. Although it reduces the risk of pollution, it also has the characteristics of ordinary plastic bags, but its non-degradable nature makes this composite paper bag not worthy of reuse. Incineration to clean up, which also increases the risk of pollution in disguise.

       Based on long-term research and experiments on this basis, an environmentally friendly kraft paper composite packaging bag with degradable properties was developed using PLA with degradable properties and kraft paper certified by FSC.

       Experimental data shows that PLA environmentally friendly packaging paper bags can be naturally degraded after 6 months in an outdoor natural environment. It is a very environmentally friendly packaging product that is compounded with kraft paper, which has the characteristics of decay and easy decomposition. And it has compostable, oil-proof and waterproof performance. It is currently the best alternative to traditional coated paper bags.