Christmas biodegradable packaging bags

- Oct 31, 2020-

Shanghai Yifu Packaging Group Co., Ltd. has prepared a variety of packaging bags for Christmas 2020:

1. Biodegradable packaging bags:

Mainly include PLA fully biodegradable packaging bags, PVA water-soluble packaging bags/films;

They can be completely decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by microorganisms within 6 months, which is very environmentally friendly.

We have obtained certificates such as EU EN13432 and US ASTMD6400.


2. Kraft paper handbag, kraft paper self-supporting zipper bag:

They are also very environmentally friendly bags.

3. Various plastic packaging bags/films:

The main materials are PET+PE, NY+CPP, BOPP/VMPET/PE, MOPP/AL/PA/CPP, etc. These materials can be printed with your LOGO, and customized product packaging for you. To win the love of customers, thereby boosting your sales.

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