Bulk Ice & Ice Bags

- Jun 10, 2020-

Bulk ice packs and ice packs

Use YIFU® bulk ice cubes to keep food and drinks at optimal temperature. There are many convenient uses for ice packs. It is always convenient to keep some ice packs in the refrigerator, so be sure to prepare your inventory the next time you shop at the club. Or, to save time, you can put a bag of ice in the next online order and then arrange a free club transfer. This way, you can shop for everything you need online, choose the time that best suits your busy schedule, and order at the club. This is a quick solution because you can pay with a credit card online without having to stop at the cash desk. In addition, when buying ice cubes, the faster the order, the better!


ice bag

In addition to the ice packs to be sold, you can also choose to fill your own ice packs, which can be purchased at YIFU Packing Company. This is especially useful if you have business dealings with commercial ice machines. You can simply use a sturdy ice shovel and put up to 10 pounds. Pour ice into each ice bag, and then use plastic cable ties to close each ice bag. Once your ice pack is assembled, you can easily store it in a refrigerator, distribute it in a bar or restaurant, or sell it separately.

Bag ice cooler

The next time you entertain, please use a cooler equipped with ice packs to keep food and drinks cool. In this way, guests do not have to search for the items they need in the refrigerator and freezer. Just put a label on the cooler (one for beer, one for cleaning ice, one for soda and other non-alcoholic beverages, etc.), and then tie the bottle opener with a cooler to avoid misplacement , And then let your guests save themselves. Add a trash can and a recycling bin, everything is ready. The cooler system will also reduce traffic through the kitchen.