Brief introduction of rice packing bag material

- Apr 06, 2020-

The rice packaging bag has the functions of preventing mold, insect, quality, and transportation. This is because rice is not protected by rice husks like rice, so rice needs the protection of the rice packaging bag.

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Rice packaging bags are mainly sacks, cloth bags, and plastic woven bags. However, sacks and cloth bags cannot protect rice because of their high air permeability. Therefore, these two materials are rarely used in rice packaging. Currently, there are many materials for rice packaging, such as plastic woven bags made of plastic films and composite plastic bags made of composite materials. Plastic woven bags are used to pack rice. The packaging method is simple, but the material is moisture-proof and poorly insulated. Rice is prone to mold and insect damage. Generally, rice packaging bags are not used. Composite plastic bags are made of high barrier materials EVOH, PVDC, PET, PA and PE, PP and other materials. The rice packaging bags made of this material have the characteristics of good moisture resistance, mildew resistance and insect resistance. In addition, the rice packaging bags The printed patterns and trademarks on the page will be obvious, and the text and barcodes will be clearly visible, which will make it easier to attract and promote sales.

Rice packaging bags Because the strength of each manufacturer of rice packaging bags is different, some manufacturers produce rice packaging bags that are likely to cause packaging breakage, which is very troublesome for the sale and storage of rice. The rice packaging bags produced by Yuli Packaging are printed with non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials and environmentally friendly inks. The produced rice packaging bags have the characteristics of good materials, exquisite printing, and product durability.

With the reduction of the family population and the transformation of people's aesthetic viewpoints, the packaging of rice transportation and sales should be changed from large to small, and heavy to light. Under the premise that the preservation effect is determined, there is more potential to be tapped. In order to create a rice brand and increase the added value of goods, rice packaging bags are very important.