Benefits of embossed vacuum packaging bags

- Jun 21, 2020-

Vacuum packaging bags are used to extract and seal the air in the packaging bags to maintain a high degree of reduced pressure in the bags, which is equivalent to the effect of low oxygen to achieve the effect of inhibiting the growth of microorganisms and preventing product oxidation. It is widely used in the market. There are two types of vacuum packaging bags on the market: flat and textured, so is the vacuum packaging bag flat or textured? Shanghai Yifu Packaging said that the flat vacuum packaging bag and the textured vacuum packaging bag are superior to the textured vacuum packaging bag in terms of vacuuming effect, but as to which one is better when buying, it cannot be generalized. To be tailored according to the needs of the product, the following compares the flat vacuum packaging bag with the pattern vacuum packaging bag one by one.


Compare from the shape:

    The embossed vacuum bag has a pattern on one side and a smooth and transparent side.

    Both sides of the flat vacuum bag are smooth and transparent.

   Frozen-Food-Nylon-Vacuum-Embossed-Bagging-Film (2)

    Compare from the material:

    Embossed vacuum bags are made of seven-layer coextruded film materials.

    The flat vacuum bag is made of PA or PE material.


    Compare from the price:

    The price of the embossed vacuum bag is slightly higher than that of the flat vacuum bag by about 30% due to the different materials and processing techniques.

Compare functionally:

    The grain vacuum bag has a grain on one side, so that there is no dead angle in vacuuming, and the smoothing effect is better than the plane vacuum bag.


    Compare from safety:

    The texture vacuum bag is made of seven-layer co-extruded film, which requires no solution compounding, no printing, no ink pollution, and is safer than a flat vacuum bag.


    Compare from printing:

    The pattern vacuum bag does not support printing. If packaging and decoration design is required, the outer layer printing and packaging should be added.

    The flat vacuum bag supports printing, which can be directly designed and printed without the need for additional outer packaging.


    Through the above introduction, you have a good understanding of flat vacuum packaging bags and grain vacuum packaging bags. You can choose according to your product needs when purchasing. Shanghai Yifu Packaging is a professional vacuum packaging bag, grain vacuum packaging The bag manufacturer has more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Since the establishment of the factory, it has served the established enterprises and received unanimous praise from the industry. It is a supplier of vacuum packaging bags and grain vacuum bags.