Application of aluminum foil stretch film

- Jan 10, 2019-

Aluminum foil stretch film is used for the sale and transportation of various products, and its main function is to stabilize and protect the product. The aluminum foil stretch film must have high puncture resistance, good shrinkage and certain shrinkage stress. Next, let us take a look at the application of aluminum foil stretch film:

Aluminum foil stretch film is widely used in the packaging of various products such as food, medicine, disinfection tableware, cultural and sports articles, craft gifts, printed matter, hardware and plastic products, telephones, electronic appliances, etc., especially in irregular physical goods or commodities. The combination (bundle) packaging can not only meet the functions of moisture-proof and dust-proof, anti-touch stealing, transparent display, but also increase the attractiveness of the product. It can also be used to replace various types of paper boxes, which not only saves packaging costs, but also saves packaging costs. Meet the packaging trend.