Analysis of the integrity and advantages of pet food packaging bags

- Apr 13, 2020-

People's material life is gradually improving, and many families will keep pets, so if you have a pet at home, you will definitely feed it. Now there are many specialty pet foods that provide some convenience for you when raising pets. Let you not worry about your little pet's daily diet. Under normal circumstances, pet food will be put in the pet food packaging bag, which is specially prepared for pets. In fact, every food packaging bag will have a lot of the same places. Therefore, this kind of packaging bag for pets and the packaging bags that people usually use are not much different. It is just for the safety of food and will not affect the food. For quality issues, let's take a closer look. Now the packaging bags are almost the same.

Pet food generally contains ingredients such as protein, fat, amino acids, minerals, crude fiber, vitamins, etc. These ingredients also provide good breeding conditions for microorganisms. Therefore, to ensure the nutritional value of pet food and extend the shelf life, it is necessary to inhibit the activity of microorganisms. The three elements on which microorganisms depend: ambient temperature, oxygen and moisture. During the shelf life, the oxygen and moisture content in the packaging depends more on the integrity and barrier properties of the pet food packaging bag. Among them, packaging integrity has the most direct impact on shelf life.

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The pet food packaging bag was originally designed to protect the food, prevent the food from spoiling and getting wet, and extend the life of the food as long as possible. It is also to consider the quality of the food. The second one is to apply it. It's more convenient, you don't need to go to the food store to buy food all day, and it's also easy to carry. When you go out with your pet, you can feed your little pet at any time. Isn't it a convenient product? In addition, it The appearance is also beautiful, so that you will not be unable to take it because of its ugliness, this can let you rest assured, and the price of this packaging bag is not always high, you can buy it in the pet food store , Lightweight and easy to carry.

The most common pet food packaging on the market include plastic flexible packaging, self-supporting zipper bags, composite plastic packaging, paper-plastic packaging, aluminum-plastic packaging and tinplate packaging cans. No matter what kind of packaging, the integrity of the packaging is very important. If the package is porous or leaks, oxygen and water vapor will enter the bag, causing the pet food to change quality. The problem of packaging integrity is likely to occur at the place where the materials such as the heat seal of the packaging bag, the lid of the packaging can butt. At present, the common pet food packaging produced by Shanghai Yifu Packaging Products Co., Ltd. are plastic flexible packaging, composite plastic packaging, eight-side sealed self-supporting bags, medium-sealed organ bags, paper-plastic packaging, aluminum-plastic packaging and tinplate packaging cans. The most commonly used are Zipper self-supporting composite plastic flexible packaging and aluminum-plastic packaging. The use of composite structure can effectively improve the overall bearing capacity and barrier performance of the package.

The pet food packaging bag brings delicious food to your little pet and also allows it to have its own small bag. For the majority of manufacturers, this low-cost bag can get you a large profit, and it is easy to sell, and the volume is not very large, so it is easy to carry around in life, which shows that this pet food packaging The value of the bag is still relatively high, especially in terms of its use value. The packaging bag brings new food to your pet and brings a good day. Because of this kind of packaging, our pets have become more adorable.

From this point of view, pet food packaging bags also bring a lot of convenience in our families with pets. Finally, we should also pay attention to whether the pet food is complete. If the packaging is incomplete, it is undoubtedly that under the action of oxygen and moisture in the air, the pet food is easily moldy and deteriorates, and the nutrients will also be lost. When consumers buy food for their pets, they must carefully check whether the pet food packaging bag is complete and free of leaks.