Advantages of using water-soluble bags as pesticide packaging

- Feb 19, 2021-

Pesticides generally have high concentrations and are highly toxic, which are extremely harmful to the human body. Traditional pesticide packaging bags will produce pesticide residues and pollute the environment. In recent years, a water-soluble bag has appeared, and the water-soluble bag is used for pesticide packaging, which completely solves the problems of traditional pesticide packaging bags.

   Water-soluble bags used as pesticide packaging have the following advantages:

   1. Safe and non-toxic, environmentally friendly, easy to dissolve, strong heat sealability, high anti-counterfeiting, and improve quality.

  2. It can greatly reduce the impact of pesticides, industrial chemicals and other toxic or irritating substances on the human body and the environment.

  3. The tensile strength and tear strength are better than traditional plastic film.

  4. It can effectively reduce the transportation cost caused by the weight of the packaged glass bottle itself, and solve the problem of easy leakage and difficult recycling caused by the lack of tight sealing of the bottle stopper and environmental pollution.

   5. It has excellent oil resistance, fat resistance, and organic solvent resistance.

  6. Excellent antistatic performance. When packing powder, it will not absorb powder and dust.

  7. The metering is accurate, to avoid excessive use of pesticides, which may pollute the environment or fail to achieve the effects of sterilization and insecticide.