Advantages of skin film

- Feb 17, 2020-

PE skin film has smooth surface, bright and transparent, no bubbles, no cracks, and no toxicity. This product is widely used in handbags, bags, stationery, adhesive products, tent products, inflatable toys, windows of quick doors, etc. The thickness of this product is 0.07-5.0MM, the width is generally 1.22M, the variety is complete, everything is available. PVC rolled film, transparent film, pressure-permeable, crystal-permeable, air-blown film, electrostatic film, light glue, embossed color film, tablecloth film, shower curtain film, composite film, matte and various types of shoe fabrics. According to customer's requirements: fireproof, high elasticity, anti-oxidation, cold resistance, mildew resistance, anti-violet violet, low odor, comply with EN71, ASTM-963, ROHS and phthalate-free, can pass environmental protection 6P , 15P, 16P, CPSIA, PAHS, the latest REACH (SVHC) and other SGS tests. PVC hard sheet, PET, PE, PEVA, TPU and other environmentally friendly materials. The processing raw materials are all environmentally friendly. The production raw materials are mainly used. The products produced have passed the 16P environmental protection test and REACH46 test. Products are widely used in: handbags, luggage, shower curtains, tablecloths, shoes, blow toys, medical supplies, water supplies, stationery, raincoats, warm bags, plastic bags, advertising, trademarks and other fields.


Features of  skin film:

1. Color: Various colors and colors with fluorescent effect can be produced according to customer requirements.

2. Embossing: transparent, translucent, mirror surface, matte, A pattern, B pattern, C pattern, BC pattern, CC pattern, diamond pattern, imitation cloth pattern and other special patterns. The colors are various and rich. .

3. Printing: The product is corona treated on the surface, and can be screen printed, screen printed, offset, copper plate gravure printed.

4. Processing: high frequency voltage, ultrasonic, stitch sewing, high frequency hot pressing and glue bonding machine processing, high heat adhesion: can be firmly adhered to nylon, polyester, canvas and other cloths, can be used as luggage fabrics and Other waterproof and moisture-proof fabrics.

5. Various additives can be added according to demand to make special-purpose films, such as fire prevention, antibacterial, radiation protection, antistatic, etc.

6, environmental protection: non-toxic, non-poisonous, recyclable, decomposable, no toxic gas when burning, no pollution to the atmosphere; in line with US FDA food grade standards, US F963 standards, EU ROHS certification, EN71-3 eight heavy metal standards, EU REACH And MSDS standards.

7, lightweight, specific gravity of about 0.92, good feel, smooth, soft, easy to process; low temperature resistance, low temperature brittleness of the material can reach -35 ℃ -70 ℃ suitable for freezing environment, water resistance, salt and other substances, In large applications, it can maintain stability, without adding additives such as plasticizers, good interlayer refreshment and water repellency.