Advantages of PET+PE body packaging film

- May 04, 2020-

PE body packaging film (PE body packaging film) advantages:

1. Good transparency, strong three-dimensional feeling after skin-fitting packaging, the product is clearly visible, and effectively enhance the sense of product value and grade

2. Good toughness, the product is tightly fixed between PE skin packaging film and cardboard after skin packaging, which can effectively protect the product.


3. It is particularly resistant to low temperatures and will not become brittle in extremely low temperature environments (below zero).

4. Good extensibility. After heating and softening, the PE skin packaging film will be formed and attached according to the shape of the product under the effect of vacuum blister of the skin packaging machine.

5. Products of all shapes can be packed with PE body packaging film (PE body packaging film), which is widely used.

6. No harmful odor will be emitted when it is packaged by heating.

7. Excellent anti-aging ability and long storage period.

8. The product complies with SGS and FDA environmental regulations, and customers can use it with complete confidence.

9. Self-adhesive, cardboard can be used without additional glue, simplify the packaging process, and save packaging costs.

10. High adhesive strength, can be firmly pasted with ordinary cardboard to ensure perfect skin-packing effect.

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