Advantages of household vacuum embossed film/bag

- Aug 07, 2020-

Textured vacuum packaging bags are rarely used in China, and are mainly exported abroad. Our usual vacuum bag is a bag made of smooth material. Generally, a built-in vacuum machine is used to vacuum. The textured vacuum bag is made of a smooth material on one side and a crisscross network embossed on the other side. Both vacuum machine and external vacuum machine are suitable. Because of the embossed surface extending in all directions, the vacuum effect is more thorough than smooth bags.


Shanghai Yifu Packaging specializes in custom embossed film packaging for many years, using nylon co-extrusion film production, can be customized specifications (we can produce packaging film and packaging bags), thickness, vacuum effect is better, airtight, transparency than general vacuum The packaging bag is better, the raw material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free.

Shanghai Yifu Packaging is packed in 2 cabinets with embossed bags every year. The products are sold overseas. We always consider from the perspective of customers, starting from customer needs, and in order to reduce customer costs, and refine product production technology.