Advantages of high temperature steamed milk tea film

- Feb 23, 2020-

PP high-temperature cooking sealing film meets the national environmental protection standards and food standard product technical requirements to ensure the environment and product hygiene and safety. It can withstand high temperature cooking at 121 ℃ -125 ℃. It has no effect on the base film after cooking, and has a good easy effect. The appearance is exquisite, the color is bright, the seal is tight, and it is easy to tear, which improves the grade of the product.

PA-EVOH-PE-Multi-layer-Co-extrusion (1)

  ◆ Quality and safety

  PP high temperature cooking sealing film is a variety that is easy to make but difficult to make. Yifu Packaging introduces Japan's composite equipment and technology, which is resistant to high temperature cooking at 121 ℃ -125 ℃. After cooking, it has no effect on the substrate film, and has a good Easy effect, and there is no residue on the sealing surface.

  ◆ Yifu Packaging Brand Enterprise

  After many years of production and research and development, Yifu Packaging has formed its own theory of enhanced tensile and heat-sealing properties, and established a complete quality system to maintain stable quality. The products have established a reputation for quality in the Chinese market and exported to Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Taiwan, Russia and other countries. It is one of the brands in China's flexible packaging industry.

  ◆ PP high temperature cooking sealing film product structure:

 A film

Common structure: PE / PP high temperature cooking easy to tear heat sealing layer PE / NY / PP high temperature cooking easy to tear heat sealing layer

High temperature cooking temperature: 121 ℃ -125 ℃ 121 ℃ -125 ℃

Scope of application: Ready-to-eat, cooked food packaging, ready-to-eat, cooked food packaging

  Yifu Packaging adhering to the corporate philosophy of “Integrity-based, Innovation as the soul” and practicing the service concept of “High starting point, strict requirements, grasping quality, ensuring safety, promoting, and striving for first-class”, we will continue to focus on the safety of packaging materials. Production, with "creation of value for customers" as its mission, in collaboration with many well-known domestic and foreign partners, continue to move towards the development goal of "synchronization of enterprises and markets, management and integration with the world to create first-class packaging enterprises."