Advantages and development prospects of self-supporting zipper bag

- Jan 30, 2020-

As people have higher and higher requirements for the convenience of life, food packaging continues to develop, and many forms of packaging that can bring convenience to people's lives appear. The self-supporting zipper bag is one of the outstanding representatives, which is considered as one of the classics of modern packaging, and also a relatively novel packaging form, which has advantages in many aspects such as improving product grade, enhancing shelf visual effect, carrying light, convenient to use, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-oxidation and airtightness. Henan zhicheng color printing packaging company has rich manufacturing advantages of self-supporting zipper bags, advanced equipment, standardized management, enterprises through the national quality and safety certification, is a reliable choice for you to rest assured cooperation.

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What is a self-supporting zipper bag?

The self-supporting zipper bag is generally a composite soft package, made of polypropylene OPP, polyester PET, nylon, matte film, aluminum foil, polypropylene, polyethylene, kraft paper and even woven bags. It is a kind of packing product with all kinds of packing advantages, low cost and exquisite printing.

Ii. What can the self-supporting zipper bag be applied to?

Self-supporting zipper bag is widely used in industrial packaging, daily chemical packaging, food packaging, medicine, health, electronics, aerospace, science and technology, military industry and other fields. Henan zhicheng color printing and packaging company is now providing self-supporting zipper bags for dozens of food enterprises. At the same time, it has accumulated a large number of customers in the food additives, pesticides, seeds industry, and has rich manufacturing experience.

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What are the packing types of self-supporting zipper bags?

At present, there are three kinds of self-supporting zipper bags, namely ordinary zipper bags, invisible zipper bags and file zipper bags. In terms of types, there are five kinds of self-supporting bags: ordinary self-supporting bags, self-supporting bags with suction nozzle, self-supporting bags with zipper, self-supporting bags with imitation mouth, and special-shaped self-supporting bags. In the field of food, because of its anti-static, anti-uv, moisture-proof and oxygen-proof, cold-resistant, oil-resistant and high-temperature resistance, preservation and oxygen-proof easy sealing characteristics, the self-supporting zipper bag is the most widely used form of packaging in the field of food.

Four, what are the advantages of self-supporting zipper bags?

1. Resistance to chemical erosion, which is crucial to food safety.

2. The self-supporting zipper bag has luster, part of which is transparent or translucent. The glossy surface can be printed with all kinds of colorful pictures and texts, so as to better promote the products and enterprises and improve the image and grade of products. The self-supporting zipper bag adopts the transparent or translucent form, which enriches the product packaging form and makes the product more diversified. Henan zhicheng color printing packaging company has dozens of professional design team, professional customized packaging, service thousands of customers, with rich design resources and experience.

3. Most of them are good insulators.

4. Self-supporting zipper bag is light and strong, easy to process and can be mass produced with cheap price; Reducing packaging costs solves the problem of high costs in the beverage industry due to bottling. Henan zhicheng color printing and packaging company strictly control product quality, achieve affordable prices, but the quality is not discounted, from the perspective of customers, for enterprises to save costs, promote the common development of customers and their own.

5. PE zipper belt is a compact seal to prevent air from continuously entering the inner bag. It is easy and convenient to operate and has a strong seal.

6, self-supporting zipper bag directly by the sapwood from the bottom of the folding inward, after punching, thermal forming oval tap, so whether open or not, can be like glass natural stand in the plane, the inside of the items, and the liquid will not spill, such as fruit juice to drink to drink, no longer need another container, fruit juice does not overflow, compared with the ordinary bags, self-supporting bag the liberation of the customer's hands, has brought great convenience for the customer.

7, self-supporting zipper packaging bag belongs to the green environmental protection materials, there is no harm to the environment and the body.

Now self-supporting bag technology has been achieved a lot of dreams, Shanghai a packaging company production and sales of self-supporting zipper bags application range is very wide, not only is the flexible packaging industry, especially the food and the food industry, the Gospel of Shanghai a packaging will promote food industry more quickly, more the scale of development.