High Barrier Nylon Films

Item: High barrier Film
Size: customized
Thickness: customized
Colors: Transparent or custom color or LOGO
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High barrier Film


Hight barrier packaging for thermoforming,suitable for corn,meat,poultry,seafood and milk packaging
Bottom film for thermofoming on“FFS”automatic machine
Top film for thermofoming on“FFS”automatic machine
Vacuum packaging (meat,coffee bags)
Lidding film for trays with PP,PE,PS,(easy peel)
Fresh meat packaging


EVOH +PA +PE.etc


anti - puncture, anti - moisture, high barrier, high transparency, food grade






Transparent or custom color or LOGO


Three/five/seven/nine/eleven co-extrusion film


500kg Or whatever


Free sample if have stock,shipping freight is refundable after place an order


inner: poly bag

outer: Best Quality 5-Layers Exporting Cartons

lead time

10-15 days

Supply Ability

10000 kg per Day

payment term

TT /LC.etc

Why trading companies like us are the best choice for small or big importers?

Let us explain.We think it depends on several factors, such as:

1) Do you have time to follow development & production? Can you spend,

say, 10 hours a week for each product and each supplier?

2) Can you come to China, visit factories, and get to know each person you will work with?

3) Do you have the basic technical understanding that is required to speak intelligibly about your product and your market’s requirements so suppliers really understand what it is you want and your needs?

4) Have you found a manufacturer that understands what you mean, that has English-speaking or French-speaking salespeople on staff, and that is interested in your business?

The more “no’s” you answered, the better you will be with us.

The fourth question (finding an interested manufacturer) is often the main obstacle to small importers. Large factories don’t want to spend time working on very small quantities. We can often find small factories that are interested in your small orders… and that is able to deal directly with us.

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