We all know that the raw material of traditional plastic packaging products is petroleum. It takes hundreds of years for the completely decomposed plastic bags / films to be decomposed under the soil. It has caused great pollution to the earth ’s soil, ocean and atmosphere, and has caused great harm to the life of the earth. Earth's creatures have been caused great harm.

In order to deal with the deteriorating human living environment, Shanghai Yifu Packaging Co., Ltd. has increased its investment in research and development of biodegradable products since its establishment. The company combined top domestic and foreign material experts and chemists, spent tens of millions of yuan, and after years of research and development, repeated testing, and finally produced PLA fully biodegradable products and PVA water-soluble environmental protection packaging bags / films.

PLA fully biodegradable products have passed EU EN13432 certification, and can be completely decomposed into water and carbon dioxide within 180 days under composting conditions, and will not cause any pollution to the environment.

PVA water-soluble packaging bags / films are divided into normal temperature water-soluble packaging bags (0-20 °) and high-temperature water-soluble packaging bags (temperature above 70 °), which can meet different packaging needs. The PVA water soluble bag is very magical. When you go home to cook after shopping from the supermarket, you can drop the PVA bag into the pool by the way. After 5 minutes, the bag is completely decomposed into water and carbon dioxide, which is also harmless to the environment.

PLA biodegradable bags / films and PVA water-soluble bags / films are widely used in supermarket shopping packaging, clothing packaging, electronics packaging, pesticide packaging, industrial packaging, cling film, wrapping film, flower packaging, gloves, straws, beverage cups / lids And so on. The application is very extensive, which will greatly alleviate the harm of traditional plastic packaging to the global environment.